There is no “right way” of dealing with sexual violence. Each individual needs to do what seems right for him or her at the time. Many survivors experience a combination of emotions such as shock, confusion, fear, anger, helplessness, self-blame, guilt, embarrassment, shame, numbness and disbelief.

Whatever your reaction, please know it is not uncommon to experience a mixture of uncomfortable feelings and thoughts after this type of trauma. With time, support, self-understanding and self-compassion, the difficult or painful emotions you may be having will subside. Many survivors find support through individual and/or group counseling services. There are many qualified, compassionate mental health providers and organizations that specialize in treatment for sexual assault survivors. For information on counselors and support groups in your area, please visit the United Way 211 Website. You can also visit the resources section of our website by clicking here. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider to find counselors in your network.