We offer a variety of educational services to professionals in our community and 15 county service area. Click below to read more.

Our forensic nurses continue to make a difference for victims of sexual violence through education and outreach activities. Training has focused primarily on healthcare providers, particularly nurses, who are the front line defenders in providing care to these victims through specialized and credentialed training for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE). Additionally focus has been to train members of the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) such as law enforcement, victim advocates, attorneys, child service case managers, and other social service providers. We also provide training through services overview and tour of our facility to hundreds of nursing, human service, social work, criminal justice and other students every semester. Education and outreach activities include speaking to business groups, service providers, military personnel, community and church groups, as well as participating in community and other health fairs.

“The qualities of the [SATC] I most admire are their expertise (they know their stuff)…their integrity (a commitment to standards of excellence and a respect for the truth and our fact finding process). They are, simply speaking, professionals…whether it is testifying in a jury trial, or training groups of law enforcement, or leading seminars for medical professionals, I have witnessed the extraordinary assistance the [SATC] routinely gives…to victims, jurors, investigators, judges, doctors, nurses and lawyers. Not an easy cross section to engage, educate or encourage.”

James Luttrull Jr. Prosecuting Attorney, 48th Judicial Circuit (Grant County)

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